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Chez Soul brings home cooking to Fairfield

Chez Soul Southern Cuisine is a very fun, family restaurant that people can go to and get an authentic taste of Louisiana and is Chef Cheryl Reed’s dreams recognized!

Soul food could be described as a variety of dishes with a distinct Southern flare that came north with African-Americans after the Civil War.

Chef Cheryl Reed, who owns Chez Soul Southern Cuisine, has brought that home-cooked comfort food to Fairfield.  Reed began 12 years ago when a friend asked her to go into business together.  “It was her idea, not mine… She invited me to cook.”  Her friend had to leave the business due to poor health and moved to Arizona, leaving Reed the owner and chef of the restaurant.

Reed said she has noticed that people are eating healthier and are asking questions about what goes into their meals.  “I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more vegetables.  People want more variety of vegetables and I am working at giving that to them.”

She has been cooking her whole life, including every job she ever had, so being in the kitchen wasn’t new for her – but being the boss was a different story.  “I thank God I had the other jobs that I did, so I had some experience,” Reed said.

Whether visitors enjoy jambalaya, gumbo, drinking ice-cold flavored water or a sweet dessert, they will leave satisfied and happy.

Cheryl’s personal favorite dish is catfish.  “I love all kinds of catfish, not just my own cooking.”


Cheryl Reed, Elmer Reed, Shantel Reed

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